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The home of Phil & Maria Mason resources and Tribe Byron Bay resources

Kingdom Ministry

  • Ministry to the Drug Culture

    Includes Pharmakeia: A Biblical Perspective on Drugs and Sorcery parts 1 & 2, Marijuana and the Christian and Drug induced Brokenness. Did you know that the Scriptures are not silent on forms of drug abuse other than alcoholism?

    Ministry to the Drug Culture (4 Message Set)

    All of us are aware that the Bible warns against the excessive consumption of wine and drunkenness. Alcohol abuse has been a human phenomenon as far back as we look into history. Even Noah got loaded to deal with the stress of the flood! But did you know that the Scriptures are not silent on other forms of drug abuse?

    ‘Pharmakeia’ is the generic Greek word for drugs. The Bible warns that the use of drugs brings forth a harvest of deception in people’s lives. In this series Phil develops a biblical understanding of drugs and explores the unique forms of human brokenness that come from drug abuse.

  • The Heart Journey: The Believers Guide to the Heart Revolution

    Customers from outside Australia are directed to Amazon.com. This book is available as an e-book on Kindle.

    In this third volume, Phil imparts a clear prophetic revelation of the key biblical themes surrounding our journey of supernatural transformation. Using the New Testament concept of entanglement, ‘The Heart Journey’ explores two contiguous realities: our entanglement in the life and divine nature of Christ but also our ongoing entanglement in seven biblically revealed spheres that hold believers in bondage to their old heart.

    This book is a road map for the road less travelled! The breakthrough revelation contained in this book explores the relationship between the new creation miracle and our ongoing need for deliverance, inner healing and the physical transformation of our neuronal pathways revealed through the revolutionary science of neuroplasticity. Get ready for a revelatory upgrade into heaven’s blueprint for extreme freedom and impartation of heaven’s glory.

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