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The Prophetic Language of Spiritual Encounter Phil Mason - PM140M

The three revelatory languages of God are Scripture, known as‘Special Revelation’, ‘Natural’, in which the whole of creation prophesies concerning the glory of God, and 'Supernatural': the language of spiritual encounter.

In this highly revelatory message Phil unpacks the reality of three different languages that speak prophetically to the human heart of the reality of Christ. The first and most obvious is the prophetic language of Scripture, identified by theologians as ‘Special Revelation.’ The second is the language of ‘Natural Revelation’ in which the heavens and earth and indeed the whole of creation prophesies concerning the glory of God (See Psalm 19).

The third language is that of ‘Supernatural Revelation.’ This is the language of spiritual encounter where the supernatural works of God prophesy concerning the glory of God. Encountering the supernatural activity of God through healing and the prophetic is as much a revelatory language as the other two languages. In this message Phil articulates this prophetic language and discusses situations where God uses this language because for one reason or another, the word of God fails to reach people’s hearts. Whichever way people hear the message of God, the most important thing is that they hear it.

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