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The home of Phil & Maria Mason resources and Tribe Byron Bay resources

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AUD $3.00 each

The Disciplines Part 4 Prayer and Fasting Phil Mason - PM073

Phil highlights the divinely ordained method of personal and corporate spiritual advancement. Jesus gave Himself to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting and He calls His followers to the fasted lifestyle for the greater good of His kingdom.

AUD $3.00 each

The Disciplines Part 3 The Disciplines of Engagement Phil Mason - PM072

In this lecture Phil explores the primary disciplines of engagement; prayer, meditation, study and worship.

AUD $3.00 each

The Disciplines Part 2 The Disciplines of Abstinence Phil Mason - PM071

In this lecture Phil examines the primary disciplines of abstinence; solitude, silence, fasting, simplicity and sacrifice, through the lens of the life of Jesus.

AUD $3.00 each

The Disciplines Part 1 Grace Based Disciplines Phil Mason - PM070

God calls all of His children to live a disciplined life but not in our own strength. Grace empowers us to bring our lifestyle into complete alignment with the way Jesus lived His life on earth.

AUD $3.00 each

The Danger of Spiritual Pride Phil Mason - PM023

In the vital teaching Phil exposes the Gnostic spirit and looks to Paul's dealings with the Corinthian church for guidance in how to guard against, and how to overcome the danger of spiritual pride in the church.

AUD $3.00 each

The Charismatic Model of Guidance Phil Mason - PM022

The charismatic approach to spiritual guidance within the church advocates the building of an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and following the leading of the Spirit in our individual lives.

AUD $3.00 each

Sustaining a Revival Culture Phil Mason - PM021

God is birthing a radical revival culture all over the world but the church has to figure out how to sustain a revival culture so we don't burn out.

AUD $3.00 each

Spiritual Warfare Phil Mason - PM020

Part of the necessary equipping for living the Christian life is a deep awareness of spiritual warfare. What is a necessary level of awareness?

AUD $3.00 each

Separating Soul from Spirit Phil Mason - PM038

God made us as tripartite beings: spirit, soul and body. It is imperative that we are equipped to distinguish between behaviour that is soulish and that which is born of the Spirit.

AUD $3.00 each

Revelation and Responsibility Phil Mason - PM019

Every revelation we receive from God comes with an increased responsibility to walk in the light of that revelation.

Results 21 - 30 of 74

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